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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Orator: A SDOHC Publication

A publication from the South Dakota Oral History Center, The Orator comes out once a month with a bulk SDOHC/ORATOR publication being circulated bi-annually.

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The Orator is a fairly new publication and is distributed, mainly, throughout the University of South Dakota’s Campus.  However, we are continuing to grow our reader base through the use of technology and community contacts.

We are always accepting new writers for the Orator and the SDOHC Blog. Contact for more information about how you can become a writer for the SDOHC!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Woman, Man Blown Up By Bandit Gang: A Retrospective of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Powder House Blast

Photo from
The title to this post contains the heading of a story run in the Pittsburgh Press on January 2nd,1937. The story went on to described the events of the night before in which the Powder House,  located outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, containing over 3,000lbs of dynamite and over 7,000lbs of black powder, exploded. Blowing out  more than $20,000 worth of windows in Sioux Falls, the blast rattled eardrums 50 miles away, left behind a crater 50 feet across and 25 feet deep. Upon further investigation lawmen discovered a woman alive, having crawled to safety after being beaten with a hammer and shot; listen to the clip below to hear Charles Chamblin's, a law officer on duty at the time of the blast, account of this fateful night.

O. A. Rothlisberger interviewing Charles Chamblin [SDOHP1080]

- Jennifer McIntyre, SDOHC Digitizer/Curator


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